Mr Moo


Mr Moo, 2023. Amber Sykes. Signed Mixed Media on Canvas; 23.7 x 16.7 in. (60 x 42.5 cm). United Kingdom.

Introducing, “Mr Moo”, a captivating mixed media portrait brought to life through a vibrant blend of acrylic, oil pastels, pen, and collage. Each marking of materials contributes to a textured richness that invites both visual and tactile exploration.


At first glance, the charismatic expression of Mr Moo invites a light-heartedness and almost humorous air to the portrait. The carefully subdued colour palette along with vibrant and lively scribbles evoke a sense of playfulness that captivate the viewer’s imagination.


Yet, beneath the surface lies a deeper layer of meaning. Obscured snippets of writing, achieved through tears of newspaper text and biro pen, reveal thought-provoking words and profound questions… “Is this real? That’s the golden question”. Mr Moo’s enigmatic expression influenced me to inject such phrases; he appears to know many hidden secrets of the world and summons you to contemplate with him.


A combination of Mr Moo’s quirky and charismatic expression, the intriguing fusion of a colourful and subdued colour palette, mixed-media elements, and the enigmatic selection of words, makes “Mr Moo” a personal favourite of mine. Creating this piece allowed me to channel my interest for both deeper conversations and artwork, and I am truly delighted to share it with you.


Details and Dimensions:

Price: £450

Collection Price: £400 (Based in West Yorkshire)

Size (cm): 60 H x 42.5 D x 2 W

Size (“): 23.7 H x 16.7 D x 0.8 W

Original Created: 2023

Mediums: Acrylic, Oil Pastels, Pen, Collage

Materials: Canvas

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