Geometry of Dreams


Geometry of Dreams, 2023. Amber Sykes. Signed Acrylic on canvas; 34 x 26 in. (86.4 x 66 cm). Lautrec, France.

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“Geometry of Dreams” is both innately and intentionally driven by my aspiration to create a tangible translation of our intangible world. The artwork emerged from an innovate technique known as “blind drawing”. Through closing my eyes and entering a meditative state, I tapped into more subconscious thoughts, allowing my arm and brush stroke movements to be guided by a deeper realm of imagination. A deactivation of my primary navigational sense of vision enabled me to discover the potency of my other senses and states. Operating in an altered state of consciousness felt the most intimate and honest way to access and reflect a deep subconscious, dream-like realm.

Upon re-opening my eyes, I was not surprised to discover a creation which felt delicate, natural, mysterious, and sensitive. The artwork embodied the intertwining of biological and spiritual elements, revealing sequential shapes unified by a meandering line. The fragility of this line, displayed with pink-hued components at the artwork’s centre, encapsulates the ephemeral and fluid nature of dreams.

To enhance the conceptual succession of the piece, I reworked it with open eyes. How can I create a tangible translation of our intangible world? I considered the composition, shapes, and colours that felt symbolic of dreams. A cool palette along with various mediums including water colour, acrylic, pencil, pen, and spray paint, helped to capture an ethereal and multi-dimensional quality. The piece that now stands before me feels and looks like the essence of a dream, and I invite you to connect with this wonderfully surreal landscape.


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