A Wildfire of Amber


A Wildfire of Amber, 2023. Amber Sykes. Signed Acrylic on Canvas; 30.1 x 24 in. (76.5 x 61 cm). United Kingdom.

A red, orange, and black painting inspired by a poem that I had written a few weeks prior:


“In the fiery embrace of the orange and red haze, a sultry dance of desire unfolds. Like a moth to a flame, you draw near; closer, closer, the entwine of two hungry souls. You are oblivious to the heat for the incandescence of the union takes lead. You are oblivious to your loss of religion and senses and immortality. The mighty force of the wildfire of Amber causes all inhibitions to fade.


In this moment of worship, you must not indulge in your emotions as you enter an unchartered dimension of devotion. Breathe. Breathe, slowly, slowly, as embers softly glow. Breathe, as the passion of the flames rise. Breathe, as you feel the heat envelop you. Breathe in this moment of willing surrender. Breathe, breathe, until suddenly, you are burning passionately together, one with the wildfire of Amber.”


Details and Dimensions:

Price: £210

Collection Price: £180 (Based in West Yorkshire)

Size (cm): 76.5 H x 61 D x 1.8 W

Size (“): 30.1 H x 24 D x 0.7 W

Original Created: 2023

Mediums: Acrylic, paper collage

Materials: Canvas

Complimentary Inclusion: 

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