About the Work

Why I Paint Abstract

The abstract nature of my paintings seeks to evoke emotion, rather than to represent the literal. While our logical world is fascinating, it often denies a dimension that extends beyond the boundaries of reality: one that inhabits imagination, expression, emotion, and intuition. In the absence of recognisable reference points, the language of abstract art might not readily unfold for every observer. Some may initially perceive only a foreign landscape. Yet, within this mystery lies the beginning of a journey that delves into the realm of emotion.

A symphony of artistic elements contributes to a moving experience, encompassing the artwork’s texture, composition, colour, movement, and rhythm. Look through the lens of abstraction, and the canvas no longer appears a foreign territory; it becomes connected with your own reality. You may encounter glimpses of yourself. You may sense love. You see tangible atmosphere. You feel the embrace of childhood. The sound of music. The comfort of rain. And suddenly, the line between a once unfamiliar landscape blurs with the familiarity of your emotions. Like a tapestry of shared humanity, my abstract paintings invite you to connect with something which unites us all- our emotions. 

The Creative Process.

Within the creative process of my artworks, both spontaneity and skill are woven together with equal importance. I would describe the journey as an adventure- though far from naïve- a commitment to both playfulness and maturity.

Embracing the unknown, I enter the creative process devoid of expectations for the final piece. Unpredictability empowers the paintings to continually evolve in magical ways and invites me to lean into the freedom of expression. I enjoy experimenting with the interplay of colours, patterns, space, texture, and the integration of text. My explorative mind constantly blends new ideas into my reserve of established techniques.

Guided by intuition, my expressive arm movements lay the foundational landscape. There are moments when I close my eyes and allow my fingers to serve as a paintbrush, allowing me to feel the painting rather than to visually judge it. Once the groundwork resonates with me, I begin to carefully handle the finer details.

While the pursuit of perfection can hinder the essence of abstract art, I cannot dismiss my inherent desire for improvement; there exists a balance. Quite often, I find myself dissatisfied with my work, so, I rework and alchemise the paintings until I sense that justice is served upon the canvas. Many of my artworks encompass multiple births, transformations, and narratives within them... I refer to them as evolutionary paintings.

Throughout my creative process, complete immersion is necessary. Creating in silence intensifies this immersion as it enables me to think and express without external influence. Though at times, the presence of a third musical party can significantly elevate my artistic expression. Each creative experience is different.


I take great care to ensure that each of my artworks is crafted using high-quality paint and materials. This commitment guarantees that the vibrancy and integrity of every piece will endure over time, allowing you to enjoy the colours and textures for years to come.
To align with an ecological and sustainable ethos, I occasionally incorporate reclaimed canvases into my practice. This process involves breathing new life into existing print canvases by priming them to create a fresh canvas to start anew. If an artwork is created using this method, it will be stated in its Descriptions and Details.
When you choose to acquire a painting, you're not just purchasing a piece of art; you're investing in a personal experience. As a token of this, you will receive a personalised and signed Certificate of Authenticity with your purchase. This serves as a testament to the exclusivity of your artwork, as well as my way of ensuring that your acquisition is not only a transaction, but a meaningful addition to your collection.

Today, I live a beautiful life that surpasses my wildest utopian aspirations. After my heart and mind were broken time and time again, they now appear to stay open. Trauma has this potency to be a significant force of personal and social evolution; on the other side of hardship is a portal for evolution. Emotional Evolution. This is where my title, EQ Evolution, stems from.

While my artistic motivation arises from my most jaded moments, negativity no longer dominates my existence. My creations are not depressing but moving- art that makes you feel and think. The essence of my work resides within an artistic experience that transcends the visual; it is about feeling something: a memory, nostalgia, a connection, a distant dream.

I hope to express our shared humanity through an artistic medium, offering a space that allows others to feel heard, seen, and understood. I would say that my life is dedicated to this. In the words of writer Heather Havrilesky, “I want to share my intensity with others and connect with them on a warped and poetic landscape”.
Amber Sykes

Source of Inspiration.

My greatest aspiration is to help others feel seen, loved, and understood. To fulfil this, I have spent many years delving into the depths of the humane experience, pondering questions that allow me to step into the perceptual frames of others. How do they view the world? What is the universal ground between us all? What connects us? What divides us?

Christmas Eve 2021, as I sat waiting for a delayed train, I struggled with a range of difficult emotions. In search of something to make me feel less alone, I began looking around the train station, analysing other people. Ahead of me, there was a young couple with faces illuminated by smiles so radiant that my tears seemed to evaporate. They were feeling love. To my left, a woman stood alone, staring expressionlessly and distantly into the train tracks. I believe she was feeling lost. I circled around, people, people, endless people. People who all led very different lives. Yet, beneath the differences, I noticed a common denominator that bridged our diversity and made me feel less alone. A fundamental humanity that lied in the laughter, emptiness, love, anger, happiness, and sadness that was all around me. We are all creatures who feel, deeply.

Art, like alchemy, has the power to reveal matters in entirely different ways. It can transform intangible notions into something tangible, travelling through the space, time, matter, and emotion. The emotions all around me at that train station weren’t inherently artistic, but that night, after I eventually arrived home, I picked up my paints and transformed them into it.

Though my artworks are born from my personal observations, they are inspired by our collective experience: the human experience of emotion. My art emerges through joy and pain and passion and confusion and love. It speaks a wordless and passionate language that transcends cultural and communicative boundaries. A language that acknowledges that, while we are each wholly unique embodiments of life, we are not emotionally separate. We share enough of this fundamental humanity to call many of our experiences mutual.

My mission is to unite these strands of emotional fundamental humanity onto a canvas. I believe expressive art can invite people from all walks of life to feel seen and understood. Perhaps I am wrong- but I am here embarking on this journey to try. I cannot live life with a question mark etched into my thoughts: why didn’t I do creative justice to this faith? Can art move you, in some way? Well, the answer lies in your exploration. I can only hope that my love for and diligence to every part of this artistic process creates a space for you to find connection with the artwork, yourself, and I.

You Define my Work.

Given that my artwork draws inspiration from our shared humanity, I believe that they do not belong to me only, but also to those who connect with it. Whilst sharing my personal narratives surrounding each artwork is interesting and important, I appreciate that observers enjoy making their own interpretations, so I hope not to impose conclusions. If art is alchemy, where one form evolves into another, then the meaning of art can evolve as it finds its way to different hearts and minds. You, as the recipient, possess the ability to infuse my work with your interpretation. Whether you find an emotional connection with a piece or would simply desire some artwork to serve as a talking point whilst having friends over at dinner- it is uniquely your choice. I would love to hear what you make of my artwork.
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